About Peshtemal

Peshtemal is a rectangular, cotton woven fabric with tassels / fringes on the smaller edges.

Peshtemals / pestemals, also known as Turkish towels, have become very popular not only in Turkey but throughout the world in the past few years.

Turkish people were using peshtemal to cover themselves in hammams - traditional Turkish baths ages ago. At those times, it was only a hammam towel. Today, it has become an alternative to regular bath and beach towels.

People prefer peshtemal instead of regular towel because it takes up less space and is easier to carry than a towel. Along with its lightness and thinness, peshtemal is highly absorbent, fast drying, durable, eco-friendly and unisex. 

You can use peshtemals in the bathroom, kitchen, beach, pool, gym, spa, sauna, massage, pilates and yoga centers. You can wear it as a pareo on your swimsuit. You can even use it as a shawl or table/chair cover inside/outside of your house for decoration purposes. Peshtemals are also the best choice for baby care. You don’t have to stock many towels for your guests. You can replace a towel with many peshtemals. When you have a peshtemal, you don’t have to worry about the space that a regular towel takes in your luggage while you are travelling.

Advantages of Peshtemal:

·      Light Weight

·      Thin

·      Highly absorbent

·      Fast drying 

·      Easy to carry than a towel

·      Takes up less space than a towel

·      Unisex

·      Eco friendly

·      Durable 

·      Multi purpose use 

Where to use peshtemals?

·      Bath

·      Beach

·      Pool

·      Spa

·      Sauna

·      Hammam

·      Massage Salons

·      Gym

·      Yoga Centers

·      Pilates Centers

·      Outdoor Sports

·      Kitchen

·      Home Decor


As Hiera’s Loom, we are happy to introduce our peshtemals with many designs and color options from the loom to the world.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience new generation Turkish towels – peshtemals!