Hiera's Loom


Where does Hiera’s Loom name come from?

Our brand name, Hiera’s Loom, is named after, Hierapolis - an ancient city located in Denizli, textile capital of Turkey.

It has been told that Hierapolis is founded by Eumenes II during the Kingdom of Pergamon in the 2nd century BC and named in the honor of Amazon Queen – Hiera, wife of Telephos, legendary founder of Pergamon. As a certain kind of black sheep that has very soft and superior wool was bred in the area, Hierapolis was famous with textile production in the ancient world.

Inspired by the story of Hierapolis, we have decided to call our brand as Hiera’s Loom.

About the Company

BDZ Ithalat Ihracat Paz. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti is a manufacturer and exporter of Turkish towels and blankets. Our production and warehouse is in Denizli whereas our sales office is located in Izmir.

We only use Turkish cotton and give utmost importance to consistently manufacturing high quality products. Our products are woven with traditional methods. Tassels / fringes are made by women living nearby houses. Therefore, same products have slight differences as they are made in different hands every time.

We offer our customers a wide range of hand loomed peshtemals, towels and blankets with different color, material and packaging options. Besides our own collections, we help our customers with their private designs and embroideries.

We serve to end consumers via our online retail store while we are working with wholesalers, retailers, boutique stores, hotels, gyms, spa, sauna, pilates and yoga centers worldwide. Our main export markets are Australia, USA and Europe.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, we guarantee highest quality and competitive prices with great customer service.

We wish you a wonderful experience!